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October 2021

FRIDAY 08/10/2021

Komarc Games Vietnam

What keeps us passionate… Making games, gifts and toys that promote social interaction, offer value entertainment, stimulate motor skills, creativity, and strategic thinking. We strive to design products that are highly unique and challenging for kids, teens and adults. We love games that test our physical skills, and make us laugh out loud. We also love games that are strategic, and make us sit at the edge of our seat… Let's Play! Anytime. Whether you're at a party, at home, with your friends or in the classroom... In 2003 (after the US dot com bust), Shadorf began to seek out overseas manufacturing alternatives. And his passion for designing games and toys was revitalized with new business opportunities. In 2010, Komarc Holdings Limited was formed in Hong Kong, and Komarc Games Vietnam in 2015.

Komarc Games Vietnam

FRIDAY 08/10/2021

BIG NEWS: KOMARC GAMES announces a new strategy game!

In February 2022, Komarc will release a new strategy game called DIQUIS. Inspired by the lush jungles of Costa Rica and the mysterious stone spheres that baffled historians and scientists around the world.

The game took two years of development. Komarc creative team was inspired by the mysterious spheres that were found in the village of Diquis in Costa Rica. The spheres range in size of a few centimeters up to 2.66 meters and their weight can reach up to approximately 24 tons.

The stone spheres are said to be from the pre-Columbian era in Costa Rica. They are found in the southeastern part of the country, mostly in the plains of the Diquis delta. They were located inside settlements, forming groups or alignments, and became architectural structures. They reinforced the prestige of the home and position of power. The spheres were used as the symbol of social status. The more spheres, the more power.

Now you can navigate this land in the game Diquis! Players strategically spread their spheres throughout the village to achieve more status and power. To play, players seek out the most strategic paths; change directions of the dwellings (Calpullis) and stop opponents in their tracks. Be the first player to spread their spheres on the properties of Diquis, become village chief, and win.

It’s a highly strategic thinking game with lots of unique twists and turns. The game board resembles the Diquis jungles…It’s beautifully illustrated along with masterfully designed dwelling properties. This game could be a duel between two players or it could be a group of 4 players.

Follow us to get more updates about Diquis and other great new products.

BIG NEWS: KOMARC GAMES announces a new strategy game!

April 2021

MONDAY 19/04/2021

New packaging for Aliens and Fish

In this thinking game, players accumulate as many points as you can by carefully matching and stacking wooden picturebricks on a rotating game board grid. Each picturebrick is printed with wacky characters and objects.

Aliens and Fish is the ultimate family game with lots of educational value, including spatial reasoning, image association and strategic thinking. The unique game play and silly images make this game memorable… easily a favorite for both kids and adults. The game comes in a bright colored compact box, and includes instructions, board grid, 36 beautifully printed wooden bricks, 100 mini points cubes, and a canvas bag.