What keeps us passionate…

Making games, gifts and toys that promote social interaction, offer value entertainment, stimulate motor skills, creativity, and strategic thinking. We strive to design products that are unique and challenging for kids, teens and adults.

We love games and toys that are fun, test our physical skills, and make us laugh out loud. We also love games and toys that make us think and sit at the edge of our seat…

Let's Play! Anytime. Whether you're at a party, at home, with your friends or in the classroom...


Who is the founder, and how did Komarc begin?

When Bruce Shadorf was 15 years old, he designed his first board game. Now, over 30 years later, Shadorf still has the fire to create unique products that help bring friends, families, classmates and colleagues together.

After graduating from the University of California, Shadorf started in the printing industry, eventually opening a plant in California. By 2000, the company had over 500 staff, including prepress specialists, graphic designers, machine operators, estimators, sales reps, etc. Managing clients, such as, Johnson & Johnson, La Cornue, USGA, AT&T, Dish Network and United Airlines.

In 2003 (after the US dot com bust), Shadorf began to seek out overseas manufacturing alternatives. And his passion for designing games and toys was revitalized with new business opportunities. In 2010, Komarc Holdings Limited was formed in Hong Kong, and Komarc Vietnam in 2015.

Where do we spend our time?

The recent pandemic has meant much less travel for all of the Komarc Team. During most of the last couple years, Shadorf has worked out of Komarc’s office in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as, the company’s factory about an hour away in Long An.

Komarc's business headquarters is in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong. Ideal for client meetings, showroom and access to manufacturing in both Vietnam and mainland China.

Does Komarc have any other manufacturing facilities in Asia??

In addition to Vietnam and Hong Kong, Komarc has a China division, Wenzhou Komarc Toy Company. The Wenzhou team manages much of the tooling process, ABS prototyping, injection molding, die-casting, silicone, and other production. Our toy factory was built for both early and final stage production, including prototyping, product testing, assembly, finishing, sealing, packaging and quality control.

Komarcs’ locations (combined) offer a huge benefit to the brand and value to customers, offering clients a wide range of production capabilities and the most competitive prices in the world.

Does Komarc have a strong presence in the United States?

Komarcs’ sales and distribution division for USA and Canada is based in Logan, Utah. The President of Komarc North America, John Coppin, is a highly respected retail industry leader. John spearheads USA market development, ie. Amazon Komarc, a national salesforce, tradeshows, plus other online sales channels. Coppin also assesses product marketability, brings new concepts to Komarcs’ creative team for further development and assists in the ‘idea’ process.

Does Komarc offer custom manufacturing?

Komarc focuses a lot of its time and energy on designing and developing its own original line of unique games and toys. However, the company is also very focused on providing custom manufacturing for other brands worldwide. Komarc offers a wide range of capabilities in printing, box making, POS, game boards, card decks, plastic components and toys.

Can Komarc actually design and brand products?

Yes, Komarc loves to create, design and develop. Komarc’s talented international creative team (based in HCMC) is always building new concepts and testing new products. Christophe Lorvo is the Art Director, working closely with Shadorf in executing these concepts and creating worldwide brands. Rounding out Komarcs’ creative team are top notch illustrators, graphic artists, 3D specialists, product designers and mobile app developers.

What does Komarc Games have now, and what's the plan?

The company currently has 20 products in its line, with 8 more in development. The flagship game, tummple!, has gained lots of accolades and buzz worldwide. Other products, like Pressssit!, Smack the Snack on Jack, Fingertopz, Shoppin’ Blowout, and Majibu Ring are gaining traction as well.

By 2023, Komarc expects to have its games available in 30 countries. The company’s product line is constantly expanding, with more than 30 games and toys on track by the end of 2023.