In 1996 Bruce Shadorf started in the printing industry, eventually opening a plant near Santa Barbara, California, and then in San Francisco. By 2000, the company had 500 employees, including sales, print production, machine operators, labor and graphic design. The company was manufacturing printed products for clients, such as, Johnson & Johnson, La Cornue, USGA, AT&T, Dish Network, United Airlines, and many others.

In 2003 (after the US dot com bust), Shadorf began to seek out overseas manufacturing alternatives, expanding its production capacity. In addition to a wide range of printed material, Shadorf started to produce wood products and eventually plastic toys and games. In 2010, Komarc Holdings Limited was formed in Hong Kong, and Komarc Vietnam in 2015.

Komarc Holdings Limited is headquartered in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, which serves as an ideal centralized location for meetings, and access to Komarcs’ factories in both Vietnam and China.

About an hour outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Komarc Games Vietnam has its own 40,000sq ft factory. In addition, the company aligns itself with other Vietnam facilities for materials procurement and niche production. Komarc manufactures products for an array of renown companies, including, game/toy brands and retailers, based in US, Europe and Asia.  

In 2019, Komarc Holdings Limited opened a plant in Zhejiang, China called Wenzhou Komarc Toy Company. The Wenzhou factory is closely affiliated with Komarc Games Vietnam, providing additional components, as well as taking on special projects.

Komarc’s greatest focus these days is the exceptional growth of Vietnam production.  Shadorf, Komarc Holdings Managing Director, sees dozens of clients, and outside inquiries alike, eager to move at least a portion of production to Vietnam.  

Komarc offers both small production runs and high volume, including rigid boxes, 4 panel boxes, POS, game boards, card decks, wood components, plastic game parts and toys.

The company also procures a wide variety of fabrics, i.e. plush, canvas, nylon, PVC, etc. with high volume capacity for cutting, sewing and sealing... Finished products include plush toys, drawstring bags, inflatables, and large format graphics.

The Komarc creative team has a vast array of talent, including product design (comprehensive 3D applications), illustration, graphic design, (in-house coding) building mobile apps, package design and prototyping.